SAFE Drug and Alcohol Testing

We will ensure your company and employees are always within federal guidelines. Helping you provide a drug free work place in a "Secure. Accurate. Fast. Efficient." manner.

No appointment is necessary. Negative results available within 24 hours.

Established in 2010, S.A.F.E. Drug & Alcohol Testing is an accredited organization with a combined experience of 20+ years. We will continue to provide the same excellent service on which our business was built without changing our company policy or the manner in which we conduct business.

Staffed with fully trained, professional, caring and courteous collectors; we are committed to providing only the highest quality service. Our Staff members attend bi-annual conventions to stay current on all Federal Rules & Regulations, and new ways people attempt to alter Specimens. We are also backed by superior laboratories with the utmost integrity.

So what if your employee was drinking last night? What is their Blood Alcohol Content now?

Well, if your manager, secretary, driver, salesman or laborer went to bed intoxicated with a blood alcohol reading of .25, Alcohol leaves the blood at .015 per hour. Let’s see what happens to that employee by the next morning:

Time Blood Alcohol
1 2:00 am Goes to bed .250
2 3:00 am Sleeping .235
3 4:00 am Sleeping .220
4 5:00 am Sleeping .205
5 6:00 am Gets up for work .190
6 7:00 am Wonders why keys don't fit in car .175
7 8:00 am Arrives at work .160
8 9:00 am Spills coffee .145
9 10:00 am Still legally intoxicated .130
10 11:00 am Trips and Stumbles .115
11 12 Noon Still legally intoxicated .100
Do you actually know ~